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What to see in León

León, millenary city as well as historical and cultural that is located in the northwest of Spain,

offers its visitors an interesting variety of museums, monuments, leisure and shows that will allow you to enjoy this [...]

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We are in the heart of the historical-artistic city centre

just a few meters away from the Cathedral, St Isidore and the “Barrio Húmedo”




The bodega Regia dates back to 1956 as property of the family Vidal-Suárez. At the beginning, the tavern sold wine, “tapas” and side orders. Step by step, it evolved into a typical Leonese restaurant by 1968. In those days, Mr. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, former Minister of Information and Tourism awarded its owners with the Placa de Bronce al Mérito Turístico.

Near 1979, Marcos Vidal Suárez “Marquitos”, son of Ángel and Elisa and who had been with them since the start of the business, takes charge with his wife Ana María Fernández García that joins in the world of catering. Both still keep the same “savoir faire” of their predecessors with the quality and service that characterize them nowadays. Proof of this is the awards they have received: 1985 International Tourism Award, Placa de Plata al mérito turístico del Ministerio de Información y Turismo, Dip. La Corona de Oro y Le Royal Automobile Club of Belgium among other important ones.

In 1990, after a hard transition period, the Bodega Regia opens its doors in a new location, where it stands currently. From that day until now, its success has been extraordinary, due to the treatment it gives to good and loyal customers and friends, press, radio, televisions, tourist guides and its expertise and professionalism along more than 50 years of reliability and struggle in favor of regional tourism.

The beginnings in the new location were not easy yet encouraging due to invitations as representatives of Leonese cuisine to different food exhibitions in: El Corte Inglés of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, three times in Murcia, Coruña. Later on at “Hotel Don Paco” in Puebla (Mexico) and at “Hotel Eurobuilding” in Caracas (Venezuela). Also selected by the government of the autonomous community of Castile and León to represent León at the Expo ´92 in Seville. That same year Ana María is awarded a Placa de Plata a la major cocina extranjera and elected Dama de Turismo de Castilla y León by a Gourmet Club of Oporto (Portugal).

At present, with the recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of Marquitos in charge, having received the prize to the Empresario Leonés 2006 and Círculo Empresarial Leonés and after the visit of the Princes of Asturias with the President of Portugal and the First Lady, the Bodega Regia along with the hotel Posada Regia, and the Café Bar El Rincón del Búho, managed by Marcos and Ana, with the gradual incorporation of their children Marcos, María and Raúl and the effort and support of their staff, walk strongly day by day with the purpose of improving quality and service offered to both their new customers as well as to the regular and loyal ones.


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